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And I'm back in school! .... oh jeez.
I've started my sophomore year in college, and so far it's pretty great! I'm in a suite with some of my best friends, so I'm sure to have a good year. However, the workload is gonna increase like crazy from here, so I've gotta be careful with my organization - that's my biggest goal this year.

Anyways, let's get to these kew-wesh-tee-yons.

Q: Any artists that influence you, whether they be from deviantart or a creator of an animated series? -Hurricane-Lightning

A: I'd definitely say so! I idolize the way artists draw people in cartoony ways, like Banzchan, and I love the way mclelun makes backgrounds. I also love Cryptid-Creations' work, and make sure to check it out as often as I can. I would also say that I love following some of the work that's made within this fanbase, particularly the objects-to-humans art made by tons of talented people. It's so cool to see how people can make objects become such elaborate people!

If you appeared as a guest voice actor in an other object show and have Paintbrush as a cameo appearance, what would you do? -xX-SugarTheCube-Xx

A: Nothing, cuz I would never appear as a guest voice actor for Paintbrush on another show. :3 

1. If you could bring back an old show you liked to watch back then, what would it be?
2. Will MePhone4 ever actually acknowledge Toilet, or will he just hate him all the time? -domobfdi

A: 1. Hm, probably Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. God, that show had such creativity and it could've gone on for such a long time and still say fresh. 
2. Sorry, can't tell you! Keep watching! ;)

1. Are you a fan of Theodd1sout? The YouTuber, not the webcomic
2. Have you been keeping up with Rio 2016 or are you just not interested? -MaximusArea

A: 1. I'm not sure who that person or webcomic is. I'll be sure to look out for that!
2. I kept up with it for a bit. I worked at a gym over the summer, and the Olympics were always on TV, so every now and then I'd get to see something happening. I also always saw the results later that night.

have you ever watched Invader Zim? -HanaKouhai

A: Yes! I loved that show when I was little! It was incredibly entertaining and I thought it was a great show. I'm still bummed out that it was cancelled. 

have you ever checked or heard about rhythm heaven?? -shota-bit

A: Oh yes! While I've never played the game, it looks very enthralling. I love rhythm games, and Rhythm Heaven seems like a ... HEAVEN for this type of genre. I've watched different videos of the remixes, and I'd really like to play it one day.

have any tips for a young animator looking to build his portfolio (advice, things to practice drawing, any of that jazz)?
also, i just wanted to say thank you for being so supportive of all the fanarts and making the community an open place to express whatever headcanons we have about characters ^^ -mawileprince

A: My biggest advice is to practice as much as you can, learn from your mistakes, SAVE YOUR WORK EVERY SO OFTEN, 
find shortcuts, and get critiques from friends or family. In terms of what to practice, it all depends on what specifically you're aiming for. If you're looking to draw realistically, try drawing body parts - like hands, faces, feet, legs, etc. Adam did this a lot and he's like a PRO now. If you're leaning towards cartoon styles, try drawing characters from different cartoons that have varying styles, like characters from Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Wander Over Yonder, Foster's Home, Star Vs., Pokemon and lots of others. Also, find your right environment. For example, I like to work with a little background noise, like a fan or tv on, cuz it helps me focus for whatever reason - total silence is weird and I don't like it. Once you find your perfect environment, you can focus and dive into your work with ease.
And thank you so much! I really don't want to put any sort of block or ban on headcanons, ships or ideas people have about the characters.

Q: top 5 favorite pokemon? :3c -pacifidlog

A: 1. Typhlosion
2. Togekiss
3. Rayquaza
4. Flygon
5. Oshawott

Quick question: Do you take request to draw other people's object oc's? 
And what is your favorite episode of I.I? -The-Amazing-Candle

A: No sorry! And my favorite episode so far is Episode 10, but I think Episode 11 might replace it as my favorite too. :D

Question : Do objects have organs? Like, we see them eat and all, but where does it go?
Also, if a food eats food, is that cannibalism? -sooshirohl

A: I'm not entirely sure. It's kind of an unspoken situation since we've seen objects breathe and eat, so it's somewhat implied that have lungs and stomachs. But if you see a character like Apple or Pickle get cut open, or Lightbulb or OJ break, you don't see a bunch of organs fly out. And yes, that's cannibalism - remember when Pickle ate his girlfriend?

Do you ever watch any let's players (i.e Game Grumps, Chuggaaconroy, or BrainScratchComms)
What ever happened to Mephone1-Mephone 3GS, were they scrapped by cobbs, or does Mephone 4 have a much darker personality and backstory than he lets on. -Electricalgeek

A: I don't watch too many lets players, but sometimes I'll watch Markiplier or JackSepticEye if I'm bored. And keep watching! ;)

Does Baseball have a fear of getting hit by bats? -SuperGyrazDude

A: They're in his nightmares every night.

I know this is personal, but have you ever lost someone? -RickkidGames

A: Yes, I don't have any grandparents anymore - they passed when I was younger. More recently, a close family friend's mother lost a battle to cancer, who was like a second mother to me, so I felt very upset about that.

1. What's your reaction to BFDIA 6 finally coming out?
2. Have you ever met fans of II in real life? Are you friends with any of them? -Ascerioun

A: 1. It's astounding! I'm not fully sure if this new video is going to be BFDIA 6 per-se, but rather just like a different reboot or spinoff. Can't be certain. Nonetheless, it's wild to think it's back, but it won't be long until people start asking for BFDIA 7.
2. The only person I have met in real life who knew about the show was the kid who inspired Tissues a couple years ago! Adam and I met him on our teen tour, and he was like "Oh yeah I know your show, it's pretty cool with OJ and Pickle and Taco", and Adam and I were like Shocked .

What do you want to achieve for your future? What kind of animator would you like to be? -SteveCraftion
Is art something you would like to have a career in, or is it just a hobby? -tehTTGuy
Q: 1. 
Are you persuing a future in animation or something else? -WarForTheWishOrb

A: I'm not sure yet. II is like a hobby of mine at the moment and I love working on every second of it, so I can't really say I know where it'll take me. I'm currently studying Marketing and Digital Media Production, so I'm hoping to expand my abilities a bit more before I make any kind of decision.

will eventually someday MePhone4 actually start respecting toilet? Or will he just be mean forever. -ShadowedAlternate

A: Sorry, can't tell you! Keep watching! ;)

Have you played the Mario & Games and/or Paper Mario games? -iAnimate38

A: Is a "Mario & Game" the Mario & Sonic Games? Cuz I've never played those. They look horribly boring. I think I played it once at a friends house, and I was like "Wii Sports is more entertaining than this." I've never played a Paper Mario game! :( I really want to tho! I think I'll search and find one in the future to play.

Q: 2. 
On a scale from one to ten how much do you dislike Youtube haters (a YouTuber who leaves rude, mean, and/or degrading comments on other YouTuber's videos and/or profiles that are, in no way, constructive) -WarForTheWishOrb

A: 1. Honestly, like nearly a 0. I pay little-to-no attention to haters or mean commenters who just comment to hate. Critiques, on the other hand, I pay close attention to. If someone has a serious issue with how something was written or portrayed or whatnot, I definitely will take note, as long as it's realistic.

Q: Do you ship Suitloon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -RandomGamer576

A: I don't support or hate against it. I simply don't mind or care!  

I'm glad you listed the Amazing World of Gumball! I feel as if a lot of people hate it for the art style, kind of like The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Speaking of which...which cartoons were on when you were a child? Which did you find the most enjoyable to watch?

A: I LOVE the art style of Gumball! The mix of animation styles and real-looking backgrounds is so wild! Cartoons I remember as a kid were things like Rugrats, Fairly Oddparents, Spongebob, Dexter, Powerpuff Girls, Rocket Power, Johnny Bravo, The Wild Thornberrys, Invader Zim, CatDog, Samurai Jack, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed Edd & Eddy and Hey Arnold. Sad to see that so many of them are gone!

How often do you go on deviantart, also what is your favorite of my I.I Fan art  -mysterioepic

A: Not very often, probably like once every 3 or 4 days. And I haven't looked at your fanart.

I feel Lightbulb and Fan were drunk near the end of episode 10. -peridotandlapis1114

A: Not sure "drunk" would be the word I'd use if I had a literal chunk of my head missing... or maybe it would be

Who usually makes then thumbnails for episodes of II, and how do you guys come up with episode titles? -TheEliteComet

A: It varies!
Adam made the thumbnails for: Ep 1, 2 and 10.
I made the thumbnails for: Ep 6, 7, 8 and 9.
Niall made the thumbnail for Ep 4.
Episode 3 and 5 were simply screenshots from the episode with the number on it since we didn't have enough time to make an actual thumbnail.

Who Has The Most Votes On A Challenge In Episode 11 Of Inanimate Insanity 2? -YankeesFanatic2000

A: Wow Maybe I Should Just Tell You Everything About Episode 11 Right?

1. Have you heard about TV Tropes? If so, have you checked I.I. on that website?
2. Pick the best Kevin McLeod song you ever heard. -RMF2002

A: 1. I've heard of them, and I think I saw II on there a while ago! I'll have to check it out again.
2. The one that I always never seem to get sick of is Radio Martini.

Odd question,how many albums does Spoiled Lemon have? -PlumTheArtist

A: Canonically, Spoiled Lemon has had a couple albums released, but in real life, only one!

1. Do you have any superstitions?
2. Do you know your ethnic background? And if so, what are your ethnicities? -bukiboy100

A: Not too many, but I had a big one when I was little. After my grandma passed away, we went to her apartment to clear out her stuff. In her apartment was this antique grandfather wall clock. The clock, as my dad claimed, had been broken for several years, but my grandma kept it up because she thought it was pretty. When we cleared out the apartment, suddenly the clock sprang to life and started to ring. Even after we brought it home, the clock would occasionally spring to life and start chiming bells, and then later go silent for a couple days. My dad told me that he believed that my grandma was inside the clock, and whenever they played he would say "The bells are ringing", since my grandma's name was Belle. It was a sort of creepy sort of heartwarming experience, and I still have some belief in it today.
2. My background is English, Polish and Russian.

1 What if OJ was un II 2
2 What's your dream car -350ZTT

A: 1. He'd be a regular ol' glass of orange juice.
2. Aston Martin, literally any version.

Mystic, Instinct or Valour? -Cookiecrossing

A: Go Team Mystic!

1. If Paintbrush were to paint something, would he/she/it be skilled?
2. As a teenage object, would Soap participate in high-school car washes? -TheCDCPaintbrush

A: 1. Not sure, I'd keep watching! ;)
2. Teenage object? I wouldn't refer to Soap as that. But sure, I bet she'd like car washes.

What are the II contestants doing outside the episodes? -PeacefulTranquility

A: Probably hanging out, waiting, just like you are!

1.What do you think? I love it<3:… 
2.Was the part where Suitcase says "I'm not ditching anyone" to Nickel based off of Steve Universe- Horror Club, when Sadie said "I'm not ditching anyone" to Lars? -Test-Tube-Nerd

A: 1. That was SOOOO good! I'm definitely subscribing!
2. Surprisingly, no. Shocking right? We normally get a lot inspiration from SU episode, but that Suitcase line had no relation to Steven's line.

Do you think there will ever be a bottle episode of Inanimate Insanity II? -JackArthur909

A: A bottle episode would be such a cool idea! Unfortunately, I'm not sure that would help with our storyline... :P

Do you like ships? -GolandrinaTail9000

A: Wow, I've answered this question way too many times... I'll just use the SAME RESPONSE I always use, but shortened:
Simply put, I don’t support any shipping. Nevertheless, everyone is still entitled to whatever shipping they please.

Q: 1. Apperently, Nickel is becoming a used character in lots of object shows. What do you think about this?
2. Are you excited after seeing BFDIA 6 Deleted Scenes? -ObjectMan5000

A: 1. It's a little weird. I don't really like it that much. Not sure why he's suddenly becoming a universal character and like "up for grabs" by everyone.
2. Yes! Definitely excited to see what's in store!

1. Is there any Object Show that is not a competition show, but more of a variety, and have the rating of all ages?
2. Will there be more musical numbers in Inanimate Insanity? -mattbratt11

A: 1. I mean, maybe? I'm not sure, I haven't looked. Check out there, I'm sure you'll find one - there are like hundreds now.
2. Keep watching! ;)

1-who is your favorite character from Gravity falls?
2-is there is relationships will be in II? -MEGANIME2000X

A: 1. Bill Cipher.
2. Probably not.

Are you a fan of Corpse Party? It's a real deep game. -TehCanadianSpartan

A: I've never heard of or played the game... sounds interesting. I'll check it out.

Thanks for the questions y'all!



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