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OVER 2 AND A HALF MONTHS SINCE MY LAST AMA?! AGH! Where has my head been?! .... well, actually, my head has been in the books - y'know for college. That thing eats up all my time, and pair that with the next episode of II, I have little-to-no time on my hands ever.
SO! I apologize for not doing this sooner. But I will make up for it by answering all your questions! :)

Q: If you and the creators think that they only use Kevin MacLeod music, then why is there New Super Mario Bros U music in The Taco Show video? -xX-SugarTheCube-Xx

A: There are no rules to what music you can and cannot use in a video - well, except those pesky copyright rules. That's why Incompetch is a phenomenal resource for great sounding royalty free music. That being said, it's not a crime to stray away from this music. It's not a law to use music other than that. As for the Mario Bros music, since that came out years ago and I don't remember everything, I'll just say that we probably heard the song and said "Boy, that sounds great! Let's use it in a video!". Simple as that!

Q: Have you seen Happy Tree Friends? -PeacefulTranquility

A: Yes! I loved HTF when I was younger. I watched it in my early "internet years", AKA middle school, and thought it was the greatest thing ever. The animation is superb in many more recent episodes, and while it is very gorey, I can still respect it and enjoy it anytime!

Q: Have you ever been on the Deep Web? -GolandrinaTail9000

A: I can assume you been like the deep part of the web, and to that I say no. I don't exactly have any business there - I'm happy on the surface!

Q: If II 2 was a contestants vote, do you think any of the eliminated contestants would still be in the game as of right now? (basically, would any eliminated contestant still be in the game if it was a contestant vote.) -LennyNoLennie

A: Oh definitely. There would be a incredible amount of change if it was contestant vote from the start. Would I be able to say the altered elimination order? Probably not - I'm pretty fixated on our current timeline that I can't bother to look at others... well... for now.

Q: 1) what was your favorite SU episode from the summer of Steven? 
2) Favorite lightbulb line? -Andyman620

A: 1. It's a tie between Mr. Greg and Earthlings, but probably leaning more towards the former.
2. Oooh, tough one - there are too many good ones! My current favorite is probably "It'll flow like the bottom of the ocean, where the crabs die!". Funny enough, this line was completely 100% improvised, and it was not even in the script to begin with. We ended up rewriting Fan's lines in this scene so that way we could include Lightbulb's. 

Q: A very serious question, is Dough voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? -JackArthur909

A: Dead people can't vote. :( Yeah, he's pretty outraged too.

Q: In response from you're answer from the last AMA (AMA #22) I just lost someone recently so I was asking if you had ever. And now my question : I don't want spoilers or anything, and I'm not asking for too much, but I haven't seen a update in a while for episode 11 of II2. Will their be a update soon? -Rickkidgames

A: I'm truly sorry to hear about your loss. It's never an easy thing to get through at all, but rest assured, you always come back stronger. As for your question, yes! There will be a large update coming soon.

Q: Will you answer this question? -BrannonCool


Q: Wait... Then What Do Food Eat?! -Coop909popCoOpStrike

A: They eat food too! The question in the previous AMA was asking about cannibalism, like when Pickle ate his cucumber girlfriend. We've seen OJ eat a cookie before and Taco eat lemons.

Q: Is Spoiled Lemons based on something? Like a real life band or something? -domobfdi

A: Funny enough, no. Shocking right? You'd expect us to reference it off something. I even decided to ask Brian, and his response was "It's just based on a general concept of a bad modern day autotuned band, complete with an alluded-to history of members leaving."

Q: 1. If you had to put on of the rejected II 2 contestants into II 2, which would you choose?
2. Do you ever go on 4chan or encyclopedia dramatica? -Electricalgeek

A: 1. Hm, I'd have to say I'd choose Haybale, Frank and Hot Sauce, though I'd change Hot Sauce's personality completely.
2. I used to go on 4chan a bit, but I really didn't like it after a while.

Q: DO YOU LIKE SHIPS? :icontitanicplz: -Flutterchu

A: I'm very partial to sailboats, thanks.

Q: Opinion on Torterra? -SuperGyrazDude

A: I chose Piplup in Diamond/Pearl, and it's no doubt my favorite of the three. But I decided to do a second play-through and chose Turtwig. I won't lie, Torterra is a pretty awesome Pokemon. Awesome design, solid typing, and overall really cool Pokemon.


A: WHAT WOULD I DO WITH IT ALL? OH GOD GET IT AWAY. Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon Smiley: Bacon 

Q: Oops! My mistake! I meant a Mario & Luigi game! silly me XD
Yes, I was wondering if you have played a Mario & Luigi game, not Mario & Sonic. Mario & Sonic games are EXTREMELY boring, LOL -iAnimate38

A: Ohhhhh! That makes much more sense! Yeah the Mario & Sonic games are dumb, but I LOVE the Mario & Luigi games. The first one I ever played was Super Star Saga, but my favorite was probably Partners In Time. I have very fond memories of Adam and I playing that game in summer camp when we were younger, and we tried to beat the final boss for WEEKS.

Q: do you enjoy other social medias? -InanimateGumz

A: Yeah! I'm always a fan of Twitter and Facebook - they're definitely my most active platforms. I stay away from Tumblr.

Q: If someone manage to make the undertale crossover with II game, what would ur reaction be? -OrigamialStar101

A: I would be so excited! I've definitely thought about if II was a game like Undertale and who would be who. It's definitely been on my mind, so if someone made that happen, it would be so awesome!

Q: favorite character from Invader Zim? -HanaKouhai

A: GIR. Definitely the funniest character ever on the show - never fails to make me laugh.

Q: 1. Ever experienced a classroom fad that everyone liked but you're just neutral/annoyed about it? For example, almost everyone in my room has a knack for Korean Pop Music but I don't have much opinion on it.
2. In your opinion, how mysterious is MePad? (I don't know why I chose him, but I feel something odd about him) -RMF2002

A: 1. Yeah I think I've been in that situation before. I remember when Rebecca Black's "Friday" first came out, people were obsessed with it. I didn't really care for it that much. More recently, I was sick of people's "WHAT R THOOOOOOSE". It was funny like the first 3 times, then it got old.
2. Hm, maybe there is something mysterious about MePad. Maybe there isn't. I think you'll find out soon. ;)

Q: What TV show were you most disappointed by? -TheCDCPaintbrush

A: There isn't a show I'm actively not happy with, mostly because I usually only watch shows I really like. Maybe I'll try to immerse myself into some bad shows lol.

Q: What did you think of IFDB 1? -fzhl

A: Definitely wasn't what I was expecting. Nevertheless, always good to see it coming back. I really like the episode, but it's a peculiar direction to go in. I don't really like that they decided to just end BFDIA and start over, but I can understand the reasoning for it too. Besides that , I thought IDFB was very fast paced compared to the previous incarnation, so everything happens a bit too fast for my taste. I'm also not a huge fan of all the wild unanswered questions, such as "Where did Woody/Leafy/Evil Leafy/Bubble come from?", or "How did Rocky suddenly get his barf back?", or "Why did Fries get really upset for no reason about mentioning Tennis Ball's name?", but hey, that's BFDI for you.

Q: 1. Which out of the three do you like most? Jessie, James, or Meowth?
2. Have you watched the Pokemon Anime Kalos League? If so, what are your thoughts on it? They haven't been released in the English Dub, but there are English Subs! -blueberrylazuli1

A: 1. Meowth 100%. Always loved Meowth since I was younger. His voice is perfect and makes the team really fit together with all their crazy antics.
2. I don't actively watch the new Pokemon Anime, but I keep up with the news about it. Like, I know that SPOILERS - Ash lost the Kalos league, but that's not a huge surprise. I still think that Pokemon Origins and Pokemon Generations is the best thing I've ever seen with Pokemon. I'm pretty tired of Ash being stupid all the time.

Q: 1: Does MePhone4 still have that talking hand 4S gave him from II1 E18? What happened to it?
2: What frustrates you the most when animating II? -Ascerioun

A: 1. I imagine he turned off the setting for that. (In reality that was a one time joke that we decided not to revive.)
2. Probably that you can imagine a character doing a really awesome movement in your mind when you hear the audio, but when you get right down to it, it never actually becomes even close to what you initially wanted it to be. Flash is also a really glitchy program, and doesn't work sometimes when you want it to.

1. Who did you vote in IDFB 1 aka BFDI Season 3 made jnj?
2. Did I hear Adam in: 107 Facts about Sausage Party?
3. What's your favorite episode in Back To The Future? -ObjectMan5000

A: 1. I honestly don't remember if I even voted at all. I probably would've voted for Blocky or Pen.
2. Yes! Adam was working with Frederator this summer, and they asked him to voice in a couple 107 Facts! Definitely really surprising to hear him in those videos, especially because I used to watch them even before Adam joined.
3. 1 and 2.

Did you read the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child yet? If so, what did you think about it? -TheDogTamer


1. Most adorable cartoon character from your childhood? (When I was younger I used to really like Hello Kitty and Bubbles. :P (Lick))
2. Have you seen any of the 2016 movies? Favorite one so far? o: -Blueberryjam789

A: 1. I always loved Tweety Bird as a child. I was really into Looney Toons, and I always loved Tweety the most.
2. Real talk, I generally haven't seen any movies at all this year - mostly because of my classes and work over the summer, I haven't actually be able to sit down and watch something in theaters. The only movie I actually saw was Captain America: Civil War, and that was right towards the end of classes. I went to see it with a bunch of friends the night it released, and we were pumped the whole time. Definitely my favorite recent movie.

1.What do you think of Payjay (other than dont support shipping and stuff...)
2. Have you watched Hetalia?Or Ouran Highschool Host Club?Or any anime :) (Smile) -Theponyfangirl

A: 1. I really don't have an opinion. Canonically, OJ and Paper are just friends. But if you want to see them as something else, go for it.
2. I'm afraid I haven't watched any of those animes. The only animes I've watched are Attack on Titan, Danganronpa, Sword Art Online and I'm currently in the middle of Death Note.

Q: Ever watched the movie Sausage Party? -krazayfangirl

A: I actually haven't. Funny, right? But alas, like I said before, my schedule is far too busy to actually see movies like that. Maybe I'll see it sometime soon. If you HAVE seen it - check out Frederator's 107 Facts on it! It features Adam as the host!

¿cómo es que usted no tiene la I.I Wiki en diferentes lenguas (how come you don't have the I.I Wiki in different languages) -NookieKey4

A: Porque manejar un wiki en uno idioma es difícil por sí mismo. Sin embargo, si quieres hacer un wiki multilingüe, hazlo. No tengo mucho tiempo en mis manos para empezar, así que la ayuda es siempre apreciada.

Do you watch the news often? And if so, what is your opinion on the news network(s) that you watch (whether it would NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and so on). If not, why?  -bukiboy100

A: I do watch the news occasionally. I don't have an exact preference to one station in particular, but I usually follow CNN or ABC just because I have been for the majority of my life.

Are you a Hamiltrash? 'Cuz I'm sure am! -Redkitty50

A: I've only listened to The Room Where It Happened, and yes I know I love it. I plan on listening to many many many many many more.

What is the best item in the game? -jadesprite413

A: Your mom's running shoes.

Q: do you like south park? -cjn5555

A: Love love LOVE South Park. The past couple seasons have been wild, and I love the show as a whole. That being said, I haven't actually watched the most recent season. I'll catch up on it probably later this week since their episodes are usually related to current events.

1.Can you rank all the fusions from SU from most favorite to least favorite?
2.Have you seen JaidenAnimations (a YouTuber), she's so funny! -Test-Tube-Nerd

A: 1. Hmmm... Sardonyx, Stevonnie, Opal, Alexandrite, Smoky Quartz, Sugilite, Malachite, Rainbow Quartz.
2. I haven't seen her videos - I'll be sure to check it out! ;)

Q: 1.Why wasn't Haybale able to make into the 2nd season's cast, but Box and Cheesy were?
2.What would Haybale's voice sound like/who would've voice-acted her? -QuadrinQuads

A: 1. We made many cuts right before the second season started, and Haybale received a cut. One of the biggest reasons she got a cut was because we were having a difficult time writing for her, as well as evolving her character and personality. Other characters were easier to write and figure out how to work them into the show. As for Cheesy, he had a distinct personality that we wanted to implement - plus he was already an established character in Season 1. Box is box and we wanted him in.
2. Haybale was supposed to be western with lots of energy and pride. Her voice would've been powerful and probably with a pinch of excessive western slang.


A: Nope.

Q: DO YOU SHIP FANBULB -killercat2004

A: Nope.

Q: Where did the name theTGrodz come from -350ZTT

A: Originally my screen name was TGrodz - "T" for my first name, and Grodz comes from my last name, "Grodin". It's actually based on my mother's screen name, which was simply GRODS. I wanted to make it a bit different, so I added a "T" in front of it, but I thought it was too boring as TGrods, so I changed the "s" to a "z". Then when Inanimate Insanity took off, I wanted to make my name sound a bit more official, and for some reason, adding "The" in front of it seemed like a logical thing to do, finally creating "TheTGrodz".

Do you like Suicide Squad? If so, who's your fav character? -GolandrinaTail9000

A: I actually haven't seen it yet, even though I heard it wasn't that great. I'll watch it soon though!

Q: I just found out a fact that teleporting more than one person will result into a combined abomination. Which is different and strange enough because, in Theft and Battery, MePad teleports the contestants to the ground and then, when they are back on the ground safely, they surprisingly look unfused. Was there an error lacking the fact I showed you? If so, then would you make an alternative ending that depicted the fact? -xX-SugarTheCube-Xx

A: No, this was not an error, and no, I will not make an alternative ending because teleportation is a theoretical phenomenon and hasn't actually been done before, so there are no actual rules for it. Inanimate Insanity is a work of fiction and doesn't require any rules, so you can't call something an error if it has no realistic way of being right, unless proved otherwise in-universe. MePad has the ability to teleport himself and others safely along moderate distances, and that's it.

If II characters were Futurama characters, who would be who? -mysterioepic

A: Hmmm... Pickle would be Fry because he's pretty stupid but otherwise kind of a straight man. Microphone could be Leela, their personalities seem to work together. Test Tube would probably be Professor Farnsworth. Knife seems like he could be Bender. Salt probably would be Amy. Dough would be Zoidberg. 

Q: What exactly would be Toilet's reaction to the IRL use of toilets? Would he be shocked, surprised, bashful or confused? -EeveeShell1021

A: Let's just say that we would probably not want to tell him the real use of toilets. Probably wouldn't go over well.

Who's your favorite IDFB character? -epicdeviant9000

A: Book, Pencil, Golfball, Pin and Tennis Ball.

Thank you guys for the questions! ALSO - a trailer for Episode 11 came out today, so go check it out!



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